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Farewell to the Video Store

February 12, 2021

“Family Video means happiness to me,” said Danny Knight, whose photo is shown above. “Ever since I was a little kid I loved going to movie stores. The reason I bought the Family Video stuff is so I can have a reminder of a better, easier time that meant so much to me, a time where anything was almost possible. This end of an era is very disappointing and sad.”

By Saying Goodbye, Family Video Keeps Its Brand Alive

February 15, 2021

“How does a business say farewell? Family is showing us how: with grace, humanity, and gratitude. On January 5, Family Video went out of business. All its brick-and-mortar stores closed. But the brand is still alive — ironically in the digital world that helped usher in the company’s demise.”

CBD Emporium® Announces Partnership to Open 100 New Store Locations in the Next 12 Months

April 6, 2021, Phoenix, AZ  – CBD Emporium®, a privately held Arizona company, and leading national retailer of premium CBD products, today announced a partnership with Highland Ventures Ltd located in Glenview IL. Highland is the parent company of Legacy Pro Commercial Property, a commercial real estate portfolio with over 650 strip centers nationally.

Family Video, A Video Rental Company With Hugely Valuable Real Estate, Shutters Its Stores


January 6, 2021

Family Video, a video rental company that outlived Blockbuster by a decade, announced this week that it will close its several hundred locations after 42 years in business. The news marks the end, at long last, of the in-person movie-rental industry.



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