Round It Up for Lymphoma

For the past nine years, Highland Ventures, Ltd, has raised over $9 million in support of the Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF) and the Lymphoma Biobank at the University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center (UCCC).

During three weeks in March, customers are asked to round up their transactions to the nearest dollar. All customer donations are used to support vital lymphoma research. Advancements in research and treatment have been made possible by the efforts of dedicated customers and employees of Family Video, Marco’s Pizza, and StayFit24.

Each year, bake sales, car washes, 5K Walk/Runs, and other fundraising events generate donations and help drive the spirit of the campaign. Stories of hope serve as a daily reminder of why customers are asked to “round it up”: One day soon we will find a cure for Lymphoma.


    • Lymphoma is the most common blood cancer in adults and the third most common cancer overall among children. 1-in 5 cancer diagnoses among adolescent and young adults is lymphoma.
    • Every 5 minutes, someone in the United States is diagnosed with lymphoma.
    • Approximately 100,000 Americans are diagnosed with a type of lymphoma each year.
    • More than 1 MILLION Americans are living with some form of lymphoma.
    • There are more than 90 subtypes of lymphoma. A cure can only be realized through advanced cancer research.


  • The Lymphoma Research Foundation
  • With a mission to eradicate lymphoma and serve those touched by this disease, the Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF) is a leader in funding innovative lymphoma research and providing the most up-to-date information through evidence-based patient and professional education programs. LRF’s patient-focused approach and unique access to lymphoma experts, enables the Foundation to deliver exceptional education resources and invest in the most promising lymphoma research. To date, the Foundation has funded more than $62 million in lymphoma-specific research.
  • Each year, more than one million people access LRF’s free patient education resources and services, including in-person patient education programs, webinars, an award-winning mobile app, clinical trials information service and a professionally staffed LRF helpline.
  • If you or someone you know has been impacted by lymphoma and needs support, visit LRF’s website at or contact LRF’s Helpline at (800) 500-9976 or

The University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Care Center

  • Thanks to support from Family Video and under the leadership of Sonali Smith, MD, the Elwood V. Jensen Professor in Medicine, Interim Chief, Section of Hematology/Oncology, and Director, Lymphoma Program, the University of Chicago Medicine established the Hoogland Lymphoma Biobank in 2013 to give researchers access to a library of biological samples from lymphoma patients. The goal: use the samples to help researchers better study the complex family of cancers that turn the immune system’s infection-fighting white blood cells against a patient.
  • Since the biobank was established, Dr. Smith has enrolled nearly 1450 patients, received over 1000 blood samples and collected 500 tissue samples. Donations from this transformative campaign have empowered Dr. Smith to make real her vison for a comprehensive research, training, and clinical lymphoma program at the University of Chicago.