Report Card A Program

Throughout June, students from Kindergarten to College can earn FREE movie or game rentals at Family Video stores for each final “A” or (equivalent mark) they achieve in a core subject. Additionally, all Family Video affiliated Marcos’s Pizza locations, will give away a small 1 topping pizza; one per student.

“Report Card A” started as a local promotion by Charlie Hoogland, the company’s founder, in Springfield, IL over 30 years ago.  The program has now expanded to over 575 movie and game rental locations and over 100 selective Marco’s Pizza restaurants located in 19 states and Canada.

Over one million free rentals and pizzas are awarded to students each year that achieve an “A” or equivalent mark in a core subject. Although the scale of the program has grown, the purpose behind it remains the same.  Reward the students who put in the time and effort to achieve success in the classroom.