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Welcome to the Highland Ventures Employee Page. In order to access these pages, you must be a Highland brand employee.

ADP iPay (USA)

Access to your pay statements and W2 earning statments, 24×7!

iPay Instructions (PDF)

Benefits – Open enrollment

When you are eligible, you must access this site to accept or decline benefits

 Benefit Enrollment

Open Enrollment For Flexible Medical & Day Care

 TASC Instructions (PDF)

ACA/Health Care Reform

 Summary of Benefits and Coverage – Premium Plan (PDF)
 Family Video FLSA Exchange Notice (PDF)
 Hoogland Foods FLSA Exchange Notice (PDF)

Short Term and Long Term Disability Insurance

 Long-Term Disability Claim Forms (PDF)
 Short-Term Disability Claim Forms (PDF)

 Short and Long Term Disability Info (PDF)

 Long-Term Disability Certificate of Coverage (PDF)
 Short-Term Disability Certificate of Coverage (PDF)

Medical & Dental Insurance Information

 Summary of Benefits and Coverage – Premium Plan (PDF)
 Triessent Specialty Pharmacy Program Drug List (PDF)
 Summary of Preventive Care Coverage (PDF)
 Summary of Benefits and Coverage – Basic Plan (PDF)
 Blue Cross Blue Shield Step Therapy Program (PDF)
 Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) (PDF)
 AMF Physician Screening Form (PDF)
 Blue Access for Members (PDF)


  • BlueCross BlueShield Web Site
  • Customer Service: (800) 828-3116
  • Providers: (800) 810-2583
  • Preauth-Medical: (800) 635-1928
  • Preauth-Mh/SA: (800) 851-7498
  • 24/7 Nurseline: (800) 299-0274
  • Pharmacy Program: (800) 423-1973

Delta Dental

 Delta Dental Plan Summary (PDF)
 Delta Dental Ortho (PDF)

Delta Vision

 Delta Vision Summary of Benefits and Coverage (PDF)

 DeltaVision – ID Card – Insight (PDF)

 Vision Benefit Booklet (PDF)

Additional Life – Hartford

Expense Report Forms

 For Managers/CSRs (Excel)

 Regionals/Districts/Corporate (Excel)

 Moving Money Receipt (Excel)

Voya (401K)

 Voya Account Setup (PDF)

 Voya 401K Summary Plan Description (PDF)

 Voya Enrollment Kit (PDF)

 Incoming Direct Rollover to a 401 Plan (PDF)

 Preparing to Request a Plan Loan (PDF)

 Preparing to Request a Withdrawl (PDF)

Family Perx

 familyPERX Getting Started

 familyPERX Employee Telemed Flyer

 familyPERX Employee Telemed Flyer 2

Commonly Treated Conditions